Calculators and Laptops

Posted by Greg on 25 July 2011 | 0 Comments


The calculators for the competition will be Citizen SR135N basic scientific calculators, with basic scientific and statistical functions (trignonometric, logarithmic, power, mean, standard deviation but not linear regression). All students will be provided with these calculators and will be required to use them. They will not be allowed to use their own calculators during the competition.

The calculator manual can be examined on the Citizen website.

Leaders are requested to bring at least one laptop per team with them for translation, as was the case in China. This will ensure that all the right fonts are installed and working. We will provide electronic versions of the questions and a local network, printers and so on. Please ensure you have an office suite installed compatible with MS Office or OpenOffice and that you have some way to print to PDF (this is naturally available in Linux, MacOS and in versions of MS Office from 2007 onwards). The free PDFcreator can be downloaded and installed if you do not have this ability.